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Cape Cod Haunted Map

Cape Cod Haunted Map

A hair-raising collection of haunted locations from America's most beloved sandy peninsula. This eye-catching 24 x 18, full-color poster includes not only many of the spooky sites from 'Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories,' but also a wealth of locations drawn from the Cape's rich tradition of storytelling. Discover the mysterious dunes and luminous forest, and encounter the haunted secrets within.

For a limited time, with every purchase of both Cape Cod Haunted Map AND Scary Cape Creatures (together), receive free a limited edition reader's copy of Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories. This collector's edition includes all the spine-tingling tales you love to be scared by. Reproducing the entire contents of the highly praised original in a convenient lightweight, easy-to-read format. Why wait for Halloween? Get yours today while supplies last.

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To solve the mystery, enter the name of the haunted site to receive a secret message.


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New! On the Road with the 'Cape Encounters' Authors! (Check out Cyril Magazine's photos of reportedly haunted sites.)"



Cape Encounters
Contemporary Cape
Cod Ghost Stories

    In this fascinating collection, residents of Cape Cod share stories about ghosts who descend staircases that no longer exist, kiss sleeping women, flip theater seats, fold laundry, and join musicians onstage. While seeking out only the mysterious, the authors instead met intelligent, thoughtful individuals who related their stories with humor and insight.

     What these ordinary Cape Codders have to say may challenge your notions of haunted houses.  Whether you're amused or comforted, puzzled or disturbed by these stories, they are above all thought-provoking and entertaining. They also capture the unique charm of the Cape—a combination of tradition, natural beauty, maritime lore. . . and mystery. Enter the Cape's historic, soulful homes and discover a world in which the past is very much alive.


Rave Reviews for Cape Encounters!!

Kirkus Discoveries, August 26, 2005

“In this winsome compendium of local lore, ghosts become a marvelous household amenity.”, March 14, 2005

“A well-crafted book, this should be in your home library for ghost-reference material.”


Ghost Magazine, Fall 2004

“…a charming and thoughtful collection…one comes away with a feeling that the dead and living are just going about their daily business, sharing common ground, from town halls to centuries-old homes.”


Lawrence Brown, Columnist, Cape Cod Times

“A marvelous collection of stories, some spooky, all interesting, and some unexpectedly touching.”


New London Day, October 27, 2004
”If you're a skeptic, be warned: you might be converted.”


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A Card Game of Cape Cod Folklore

Gather around the campfire with this game of strategy using Cape Cod’s spookiest entities as pawns—altogether 52 of the peninsula’s scariest and most famous pirates, ghosts, witches, and indigenous spirits, calling upon their mastery of nature to defeat your opponent(s). Boldness, skill, and timing are needed to enter a mysterious realm populated by a host of weird creature drawn from the Cape’s eerie legends, history, and lore.

More than another mysterious, family card game, the lore and history of the Cape are spelled out for children to learn about the different folkloric characters and legends of the sandy peninsula. They’ll become familiar with Old Stormalong, Maushop and other “tall tales” that have been passed down over generations.

Just as Paul Bunyan was a symbol of the Northwest (lumberman), waterbeings, mermaids, one-eyed witches, spirit lights, phantom pirates, and bearded sea serpents are among the fabled cast of symbols from Cape Cod’s rich tradition of storytelling.

This one-of-a-kind card game is the result of a collaboration between the authors of Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories and talented Osterville illustrator Ethan Renoe.

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